Anais Spitzer

I specialize in working with non-profit organizations to build strategy, capital and capacity. My services focus on businesses and organizations seeking to catalyze growth, to navigate a significant challenge, to transition out of a rut, or to focus on the strategy and/or operational implementation necessary to steer through times of change successfully.

My professional experience began in first grade when my parents bought the only movie theatre in our small town. There I had the opportunity to collaborate on driving both strategy and operations through high school and the eventual sale of the business. I’ve worked as a college professor, writer, and researcher; developed and rolled out proof of concepts while forging large-scale partnerships in order to build nationwide reach; spearheaded organizational re-branding and game-changing strategic shifts; and led strategy and operations during times of significant organizational change and growth.

The key ingredients to my success in all of these situations are my unique talents as both a strategist and an implementer; my strong systems-oriented, analytical mind; my well-developed listening and communications skills; and my skill as a teacher that has enabled me to bring together diverse stakeholder groups toward a common purpose. Strategy and operational implementation cannot be undertaken in a vacuum, and I often employ Compression Planning™ to bring all the key players to the table to build consensus and strategize and problem-solve large and complex issues in a condensed amount of time.

I look forward to bringing my expertise in guiding organizations through critical transition points to your non-profit. Together we can transform vision to implementation, ideas to strategy, inefficiencies to effective processes, and challenging uncertainty to focused and strategic action.